Cultural Intelligence (CI) enables companies to bridge and benefit from the cultural complexity of people with different nationalities, work areas, professional backgrounds, personal backgrounds and organizational cultures.

Cultural Intelligence (CI) combines the emotional, the cognitive and the practical dimensions of cross cultural encounters and provides a more effective and fulfilling cross-cultural collaboration.

Cultural Intelligence (CI) aims to increase mutual understanding across all relevant differences in the companies and to help people work more effective and satisfying together.

Cultural complexity will not go away. It is a competitive advantage to be able to embrace it and turn it into a benefit for business.

Elisabeth Plum has helped and inspired the following international companies to develop Cultural Intelligence (CI) among leaders and practical professionals:

  • Aker Solutions

  • Arla

  • Dako

  • FLSmidth

  • London Business School

  • Microsoft

  • Novo Nordisk

  • Vestas

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Cultural intelligens (2008) by Elisabeth Plum

KI Kulturel Intelligens Forside

Elisabeth Plum

In collaboration with
Benedikte Achen
Inger Dræby
Iben Jensen

Libri Publiching, London 2008.