Elisabeth Plum is the main author of ’Cultural Intelligence – the art of leading cultural complexity’, MU Press 2008. The book was published in Danish in 2007 at Børsens Forlag, Copenhagen.

Elisabeth has spent all her working life on the question of how the differences between people can be bridged, and how these differences can be turned to an advantage. For more than 20 years she he has worked with company mergers, international groups, diversity management, and cross-disciplinary project groups. She also works as an advisor in the field of management development and change management in the private and public sectors.

Elisabeth is a front runner who has created several development tools that practical professionals can use to take communication across differences to the next level.

Elisabeth Plum holds a PhD in cultural sociology, and before starting her own consultancy in 1995, she worked as a research fellow at Roskilde University and as an internal organisational consultant in Danish companies. Elisabeth Plum has been a visiting professor at Middlesex University Business School (London) 2007 -2010. She has published several articles and books on cultures and merger management and other topics.

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