Developing cultural intelligence (CI) is not a quick fix but a learning process focused on your own practice.

To ask people to benefit from their working group’s heterogeneity is a challenge, but it’s a challenge that many companies need to face in order to harvest the creative potential for the necessary innovative development. This is a case for the strategic thinkers in an organisation as well as for the practical professionals on the floor.

  Elisabeth Plum: Kultursociolog, ledelsesrådgiver & proceskonsulent  

Elisabeth Plum: Cultural Sociologist, senior advisor and designer of development tools.

Managing cultures - Strategic advising in development of cultural intelligence in the organisation

Advising the management in how to improve collaboration among people who think and act differently and how to successfully handle the increasing cultural complexity. This is highly relevant to prevent problems and create good performance in cross-national collaboration, in M&A processes, in innovation processes and in cross-disciplinary projects.

Leadership development - Designing training programmes and advising managers of cultural complex groups in cultural intelligent leadership

Developing managerial skills to bridge differences in groups and to release the synergy arising when diverse approaches meet. This is relevant for leaders of international groups, of research and development, of innovation projects, of cross functional teams and of strategic HR development.

Analysis and evaluations - Evaluations of strategies and outcome in the field of intercultural collaboration and/or diversity management

Analysis of the organisation’ ability to bridge and benefit from the relevant differences in the company based on the CI approach. Clarifying learning potential and providing recommendations of how to develop the cultural intelligence among leaders and in diverse groups. Helping the company to decide and plan for the coming challenges.

Beyond diversity - Revitalising the diversity strategies and activities in the company.

Do we achieve the outcome we wish and in which we have invested resources? Are we working with the right groups of people? Do we have a powerful coherence between our diversity strategy and our activities? Do we work with the most effective questions and do we use the most relevant tools? Helping the company to energize and focus the next steps.



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