The book Cultural Intelligence (CI) is written on the basis of the authors’ teaching, research and consultancy work in Denmark and abroad over more than 20 years.

Cultural Intelligence (CI) is an important read for business leaders, HR managers og scholars within international HR. It offers valuable assistance to anyone who want to understand and cope with culturally complex organizations.

The book contains many examples, tools and models.

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Cultural Intelligence - The art of leading cultural complexity
Elisabeth Plum

In collaboration with:
Benedikte Achen, Inger Dræby og Iben Jensen

Libri Publishing, London 2008.
ISBN 978-1-904750-61-1

Others have said about the book:

  • "A fresh and radical approach to working with people from different cultures. Embracing differences can be a key competitive advantage. A very useful and inspiring book." Peter Hogsted, CEO IKEA UK
  • "This book is an important read for business leaders, HR managers and scholars within international HRM. It offers valuable assistance to anyone who wants to understand and cope with the challenges and opportunities of culturally diverse workplaces." Professor Anne-Marie Søderberg, Copenhagen Business School
  • "Cultural anthropology is an exciting field of research and the stuff of many pundits. But understanding the possibilities and obstacles of intercultural communication is becoming a daily challenge for more and more people. While it is true that our global planet shrinks, failure to be aware of cultural differences is bad for human relationships and bad for business. This book has many assets. It shows a good acquaintance with the latest research in the field but is above all a superb practical guide to the many practitioners in the field of cultural communication. And who isn't these days? Like good teachers, the authors show you step by step what it takes before you can dance (a metaphor they use skillfully) playfully with others who do not usually think or talk like you. I also appreciate the very broad understanding of the notion of cultural intelligence that they apply in the book, i.e. as something incorporating intercultural engagement, cultural understanding and intercultural communication. Good intercultural dancing requires therefore a beating heart, an open mind and good legs to take you elsewhere. This understanding is also reflective of the skills of the authors themselves who seemingly effortlessly, and often with humor, show the possibilities and challenges of reaching across cultural divides. I highly recommend this book. It will reward the reader!" Axel Carlberg, Senior Associate, Management in Lund, Sweden



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